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March 4th









Every Day - A Short Story Comic

Our first short story comic, a bittersweet tale of undying love. Some people don’t fully comprehend it on the first read-through, but you’ll find a lot of hints along the way if you take a second look.


……this is not okay. :( Jus-no.

this went from darling to extremely unsettling in the span of one page and i kind of love it



Reblogging because A. Some people on here haven’t seen our comic, Every Day, and more importantly, B. The attached gif/image made me laugh louder than I have in a long time. Thanks for whoever attached those!

^^^ All of these reasons for reblogging.

I’m really proud of K for coming up with this story, and I could only hope that my illustrations conveyed the proper amount of (cartoon gif-glorified) sadness that it was meant to incite. What can I say? I love crushing souls.

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    Oh my gosh…. the blue colored pictures are his point of view, the normal colored are his. In the last frame he is the...
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